Three interesting things we heard at SEGD Branded Environments this year

Three interesting things we heard at SEGD Branded Environments this year

During DSE 2017, the Reality Team spent the week in Vegas, speaking at SEGD Branded Environments, meeting with folks at GlobalShop, and hosting an insider tour of the DSE Expo floor!

Branded Environments with SEGD was a great day of learning, discussion and debate. Here are three interesting things we heard during the great sessions during the day

  1. Creativity is fragile at the start and can so easily be destroyed. 

When presenting a creative idea, you should focus on positivity for the first hour and declare that the devils advocate is not welcome, Brian Collins of Collins told us.

  1. Brand consistency can kill creativity

You can lose personality and what makes your brand relatable when you strictly adhere to 100% consistency across the board, Eric Heiman of Volume Inc. shared. Sometimes you may need to sacrifice brand consistency in the interest of localizing the design.

  1. We’re shifting back to recognizing that ideas need to be commercially viable

The last two years have all been about the customer experience and the customer journey, rather than recognizing the importance for an idea to also be commercially viable. But now – the pendulum has shifted back and we have an equal balance on whether something is marketable, technically feasible and commercially viable. This is a positive thing as it means we are moving towards creating experiences that are marketable but also scalable and sustainable, our own Doug Hampton-Dowson of Reality offered.

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