Top 5 Ways To Change The Way You Retail

Top 5 Ways To Change The Way You Retail

We have seen digital adoption rates accelerate by over 10 years in the span of one year according to McKinsey. This acceleration in digital adoption means that while many retailers are succeeding and growing because of the tech they use, many are being left behind. We have a list of 5 ways to change the way you retail. 

The first is AR/VR experiences. Allow your customers while shopping online to use the camera on their smartphone to virtually place your products in their own space. The use of AR not only increases the likelihood of a sale by 94% but also reduces the number of returns, with this “try before you buy” technology. 

Next up: QR codes. QR codes are a great way to allow your customers to use their smartphone to scan for more information about a product, check availability, open up an AR experience and buy directly online if the store is out of stock. 

Another great addition to an in-store experience is an endless aisle solution. This allows customers to see all available inventory, learn more about products, compare products and locate items within the store. Endless aisle solutions are useful for not only customers but for employees in assisting with the sales process. 

A growing retail trend is social commerce. Social commerce has the potential to grow faster than e-commerce according to the NFR. It is currently an $89.4 billion market right now and is expected to grow to $604 billion in seven years. Social commerce is the selling of items directly through social media.

And finally the last way to change the way you retail is through BOPIS (buy-online pick-up in-store) and curbside pickup. BOPIS is a great way to get customers in store and bridge the gap between in-store and online shopping. It is convenient for both customers and retailers.

Implementing these 5 retail experiences will provide your customers with an overall better retail experience. Give your customers an experience they can rave about and not one that feels outdated. 

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