updates from ces 2015 display screen technology

Updates From CES 2015: Display Technology Innovation



Before this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) even began, a few key innovations were already being highlighted by the technology world.

Even though it is not new this year, 4K screens are one of the innovations receiving a lot of attention at CES 2015. However this is just one of the display technology innovations worth mentioning.

Why is 4K Important at CES 2015?

In 2015 4K will be more readily available for consumers. Both Netflix and Amazon have launched 4K streaming. Cable providers are expected to start providing 4K apps for customers who own 4K televisions and DirectTV has launched 4K streams and a 4K-capable satellite. It is also rumored that by the holiday season 4K blue-ray players will be available.

Even though 4K adoption isn’t  wide spread yet, HP is debuting a 5K display at CES which will be available for purchase in March. A few steps beyond that, LG is using CES 2015 to debut the 8K display. This is in addition to the nine 4K TVs they are showing at CES this year. Sony also included in their booth two 4K laser projectors. One thing that is really exciting is Panasonic’s 4K touch video wall.

What are Quantum Dots?

If you’ve been following the CES coverage, you’ve probably heard the term Quantum Dots more than once. LG and Samsung are both introducing Quantum Dot TVs. The Quantum Dot TV offers a 30% increase in the color gamut. The purpose is to solve color problems on LCD TVs, which are not as vivid as the colors on plasma TVs. This problem is a result of TVs being manufactured to be thinner and more energy efficient in a way which did not allow for the pixels to be illuminated in the way they once were. The Quantum Dots work as a layer added to the TVs backlight, which fine tunes the light.

Curved Display Screens

Another major player in display technology at CES 2015 is curved  display screens. LG is debuting the curved Smart Phone, which has a 5.5 inch display. In addition to their 4K and 5K options, HP and Samsung are bringing curved monitors to CES 2015. CES even features a curved video slot machine screen.

Photo Credit: OLED TV

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