wearable technology beyond google glass

Wearable Technology- Beyond Google Glass



Wearable technology is one of the biggest topics at this years’ CES conference. You are probably already familiar with Google Glass and calorie counters like FitBit, but those devices are just the beginning.

At the conference on Monday, Intel announced a number of wearable smart devices they will release this year including watches, ear-buds, and a headset. All of these items can be placed in a charging bowl to recharge.

The rising trend of smart devices is leading to some truly unique inventions, that go far beyond standing in as a replacement for your smart phone. Lumo BodyTech has announced the Lumo Lift. The Lumo Lift monitors its wearer’s body position, and vibrates if they start to slouch. Currently the device is a small clip which is attached to clothing, but the company plans to further develop the product, so that in the future they can release a version that comes in the form of jewelry.

wearable technology june bracelet reality interactive

The fashion world is embracing the wearable technology trend already. Netamo worked directly with high-end fashion designer’s to develop the June Bracelet. The bracelet, which launched at the CES on Sunday measures the sun’s impact to alert the wearer when they have had too much sun exposure. By monitoring UV intensity and tracking the daily habits of its owner the bracelet gives advice for improved skin care.

Are you planning on buying any wearable technology in 2014? Let us know in the comments below.

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Photo Credit: Google Glass Explorer Edition:, The June Bracelet: ABCNews.Go.Com

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