What we heard at Future Stores 2018

What we heard at Future Stores 2018

We recently attended Future Stores in Seattle – which was an inspiring 3 days of sessions, conversation, new technologies, big ideas, and even smaller, but innovative ideas to reinvigorate the retail experience.

Some of the common themes we found throughout the sessions were:

1. “Retail isn’t dead, mediocre Retail is dead”.  For those who are debating whether the Retail Apocalypse is a thing, it’s more useful to think of it as ‘bad retail’ is dead.

2. Examining the shift from transactions to product discovery: This is a great way to rethink the retail experience.

3.  Retailers are using a design thinking approach to deconstruct the shopper journey and build impactful retail experiences from brand, retail channel and consumer perspectives.

4. Many speakers discussed getting past the roadblocks to deliver unified commerce.

5.  The main common theme was that the customer must remain the center of everything you do.


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