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Why Invest in a 3D Product Configurator and Customizer?

Why Invest in a 3D Product Configurator and Customizer?

First, what is a 3D customizer? 3D product customizers allow your customers to visualize their dream product and personalize it to their exact needs, from color to size, price and more. 3D customizers have proven to increase customer engagement and product sales. In addition, in a recent survey, 60% of online shoppers expressed they want to see more products in 3D, reflecting that customers want this kind of technology within their purchase journey. 


One of the benefits of 3D customizers is the ability to make customizations in real time. With millions of potential configurations your customers can experience all their options in real time making it easier for them to create their perfect product and see what it will look like before they click purchase.  


Customers are also 11 times more likely to buy a product if they can see it in 3D. The ability to customize the product and experience it in 3D creates a sense of ownership, making it more likely that they will make the purchase. 


Lastly, you can reduce stock by creating purchased products on demand. Reduce your expenses in production, logistics and storage by not having unwanted product stock. 


Retailers everywhere are jumping on the 3D customizer train. Some to note are Nike, Tesla and BMW. Reality Interactive created the Shop BMW Accessories Visualizer allowing customers to envision the ultimate version of their BMW by mixing and matching over 100 different accessories and seeing it on their own make and model.  


Nike has adopted 3D customizers too, allowing Nike fans to be their most creative and make a shoe just for them, that no-one else has. There are 13 different ways to customize your shoe from the color of the tongue, swoosh, laces, outsole and more. Customers can have their personally designed show in 5 weeks or less. 


Tesla is another automotive leader utilizing the 3D customizer. With not too many in-person stores across the U.S. and the fact you have to pre-order your vehicle, the 3D customizer helps customers narrow down exactly what they want in their Tesla model before they order. 3D customizers are ideal for more expensive purchases because it decreases the risk of dissatisfaction and gives the customer a realistic view of what their product will look like. 


3D customizers are no longer a luxury; they are a necessity for online shopping. With more and more brands utilizing them, you need your customers to have a reason to shop with your brand and not theirs.  


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