Grocery Store Gamification

Grocery Store Gamification!

Grocery Store Gamification!

Last night I noticed an interesting detail on my grocery store receipt – performance stats.

The messaging is interesting, why would a retailer congratulate you on spending less money with them?

Firstly, it does a fine job of taking the painful edge off.  A consumer will scan down to the bottom line total and ask themselves the classic hard questions like “when did groceries get so expensive?” “what did we buy that added up to this?”.

A congratulatory message helps immediately mitigate those negative feelings, the last thought you have as you leave the store is positive, it’s a feel-good consolation prize.

Secondly, it’s brand re-reinforcement.  Almost every grocery store positions itself as the place to get great deals and savings.

Lastly, it adds an element of gamification. Increasing your savings percentage typically means purchasing more deals, (2 for 1, $1 off etc), and you leaving the store with more products than perhaps you’d intended to.

All of these strategies combined means there’s a good chance customers actually spend more money with the retailer. You have to appreciate that both the savings percentage and the total purchase items are presented in close proximity.  

We love seeing retailers deploying strategies like this.  Get in touch if you do too.

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