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Winning the Last 200 Feet with Wireless

Winning the Last 200 Feet with Wireless

On April 2, 2014 Reality Interactive’s Craig Martin presented “Winning the Last 200 Feet with Wireless”, a webinar hosted by the Digital Screenmedia Association. 


The webinar is now available online for those who missed it.

In this webinar Craig discusses the importance of wireless connectivity and the “last 200 feet” of a digital experience, and what needs to happen to ensure a secure and stable connection for the three to five year lifetime of a project. Craig uses case studies to explain the pros and cons of the limited choices for connections including:

  • Installing on a pre-existing “Hostile” network
  • Running your own DSL/Cable/Satellite Connection
  • 3G/4G cell wireless

View the webinar online. 

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