Innovation by Design

Innovation by Design

We were inspired recently by an article in on continuous innovation, and the below quote resonated with us strongly:

“innovation at this level is not a random act, and it’s not a matter of pure inspiration. It takes methodology, focus, and investment; it takes calculated risk-taking and the stomach to fail.”

The article went on to talk about Design Thinking – a methodology we follow at Reality – and a key way we are able to bring innovation to our clients.  We’ve spoken about the topic in webinars and conferences (quite recently, covering our design thinking work when working with a bank branch experience at the BAI conference).

Building on the foundation of the methodology, Sunil Karkera writes about the four components that are essential to cover in the design thinking approach to help deal with the ever evolving digital environment we find ourselves in: Empathy, Divergence, Convergence, and Testing. 

He also goes on to say that for brands, the first mover advantage is gone – now what’s more important to differentiate yourself is to be better over and above being first.

One of the benefits of design thinking is to adopt innovation as a process that’s repeatable in your organization – rather than a one-off initiative or short-term fix to a problem. We know it’s a great way to ensure you stay relevant, and capture the imagination of your customers in today’s changing space.



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