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3 Interactive Holiday Window Displays

3 Interactive Holiday Window Displays

Visiting Santa at the mall has received a high-tech makeover, so it’s only fair that holiday display windows get the same treatment.

Holiday window displays are not taken lightly by retailers. Especially in the shopping hubs of major cities. Some even start planning a full year in advance. Integrating technology adds to the planning process, but if done well, can help to make the retailer differentiate themselves against the other window displays on their block. Creating an interactive holiday window display helps the retailer even more, as it engages their audience and creates a memorable experience.

Pritemps’ Burberry Display is Controlled by Your Smart Phone

Primtemps is a department store in Paris which selects one brand to highlight each year in it’s holiday window display. This year that brand is Burberry, whose display is called “The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry”. Burberry uses the display to share the story of a boy in London who travels from their Flagship store to Paris, via his flying umbrella. Visitors who are connected to the Wi-Fi at Printemps will be able to interact with the display. They can control the weather, and activate a storm as the boy crosses the channel to get to Paris. They can also access additional content in their browser, or create postcards based on the window scene and share them on social media.

Johnathan Trumbull’s Holiday Window Uses Facial Recognition

Johnathan Trumbull Face the Snow

Last year UK retailer Johnathan Trumbull put a 50″ LED screen in their window, as part of their “Face the Snow” campaign. The screen featured digital snow to attract customers. When a person was stopped in front of the window, facial recognition technology detected them, and took their picture. The screen then displayed a unique four-digit code. The user could either enter the code into a website or send an SMS to view their picture in a Facebook gallery.

Ted Baker Digitizes Mistletoe

ted baker digital mistletoe

In 2013, Ted Baker added digital Mistletoe displays to the windows of three of their worldwide locations. This is part of their “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe” campaign, where store visitors take selfies under the mistletoe, and then post it to their own Twitter or Instagram profiles using the hash tag #KissTed. This hash tag enters the participant into a drawing for a vacation for two. The digital signage displayed in the windows features snow flakes and campaign specific branding, giving a consistent background to all participating selfies.

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