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Marker Based vs Markerless AR – Which Is Best For You?



So you’re interested in finding out which AR solution is best for you? Here at Reality we are kind of the experts on all things augmented reality. Whether you are interested in marker based AR or markerless AR we can do it all. First let’s define the experiences.  


Marker based AR, also known as image recognition AR, requires a trigger photo or QR code to activate the experience. The user is able to scan the marker using their phone camera and the digital experience will appear. This allows the user to move around the marker and see the digital experience in 3D. Burger King did a genius marketing campaign, “Burn That Ad” featuring marker based AR. Users could point their camera at the marker: a McDonald’s print, coupon or billboard and the app would make it appear as if it were catching on fire, leaving a coupon for a free whopper.  


Unlike marker-based AR, markerless AR does not need a marker such as a QR code to be scanned. You simply launch the mobile app or web AR experience. Then it scans the real environment around you, placing the digital element on a flat surface such as the ground or a wall. Markerless AR is used frequently in gaming and online shopping. Ranging from experiences such as Pokémon Go to the Hot Spring Spas Virtual View™ AR app. 


So now which one is best for you?  


If you are looking for an AR based marketing experience we recommend going with marker based AR. Marker based AR is perfect for first time AR users, has very stable tracking and as a bonus has minimum production costs. However, it is important to know that in order for the AR experience to be launched the marketing material must be within reach. Whether it is a business card, billboard or poster the AR experience will only be able to be launched with that specific asset and never again. 


If you are looking for an AR experience that can be accessed anytime and anywhere then we recommend markerless AR. Markerless AR is the most flexible form of AR and has a higher usage than marker-based AR. However, the accuracy of markerless AR is generally lower and production cost is higher. 


Still have questions on which AR experience is right for you? Speak to a member of our team to discuss all things augmented reality and how we can create the best AR experience fit for your brand. Wanting to dive more into AR? Check out this article on how AR can help increase your sales. 

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