Thermal Scanner

Reality Interactive Adds SMART Health Card Reader to the AXSIS™ Platform. 



The AXSIS™ platform’s capabilities are continuing to help businesses meet changing health and safety regulations around COVID-19. 

Placed anywhere scanning is required for retail stores, offices, manufacturing facilities and universities the AXSIS™ Platform is able to scan and recognize Smart Health Cards and other vaccine passports. It also keeps records as needed.  This feature is in addition to the standard features offered by the AXSIS™, including contactless temperature checks and survey questions. Other features include temperature scanning, QR code processing, door lock integrations, facial recognition & more.

“We see this as a key benefit for businesses who continue to work in-person or operate on a hybrid work schedule,” said Mitch DeBonville, Director of Sales, Reality Interactive. “We’re constantly working to be ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping businesses running and employees safe.”

SMART Health Cards are paper or digital versions of your clinical information, including vaccination history and test results. They allow you to keep a copy of your records on hand and easily share this information with others if you choose to. The addition of the Smart Health Card Reader feature is designed to help companies meet ever-changing regulations around vaccine mandates and testing. The AXSIS™ Platform also handles any data requirements efficiently and accurately. 

“We’ve seen the AXSIS™ device retaining relevance because it performs beyond just thermal scanning, helping employers better manage their ongoing staffing and productivity needs as workplaces change,” said Mitch DeBonville.

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