what is digital transformation?

What is Digital Transformation?

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the holistic process by which an organization evolves using digital technologies. With the goal being redefining and bettering themselves while trying to give their customers unique, personalized ways to shop their brand.

Digital transformation is a continuous cycle and not a one off solution. Technology, and customer buying behaviors are always evolving. Companies need to adapt to these changes for the sake of their customers and to ensure continued success. 

The pandemic accelerated the need for brands to execute digital transformation strategies overnight because of a staggering increase in digital shopping adoption rates. Companies that had digital transformation strategies planned for future years had to implement them in mere months.  

Digital transformation strategies examples include: 

  • Moving from instore only retail to adding e-commerce capabilities 
  • From static signage to digital signage 
  • Adding the ability for customers to browse and purchase products through mobile apps instead of just in-store shopping. 
  • Enabling customers to virtually try on products, or imagine them in their own environment with augmented reality 
  • Virtual reality 
  • Allow for customers to begin their purchase journey online, then seamlessly continue that journey in-store or vice-versa.  

Digital transformation involves experimenting with new technology and finding solutions to current problems you have within your business whether related to customer engagement, sales or logistics.  

Have you tapped into the full power of Digital Transformation? If you’re experiencing any of the problems below, it might be time to do a reset on your digital transformation journey.  

  • Operating without data-driven customer insights​ 
  • Stagnant profits and stagnant productivity​ 
  • Inability to respond to changing conditions​ 
  • Declining customer satisfaction  
  • Poor communications internally from operating in silos 

We have been implementing digital transformations for over 17 years for some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies. Take a look at our work with BMW here 

Talk to us about how we can improve your digital transformation journey or download our 5 Step Digital Transform Checklist. 

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