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Space Management.

Create an intuitive, touchless experience that makes employees and visitors feel more confident about coming in.
AXSIS Space Management
AXSIS Space Management

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AXSIS Space Management
June 1st, 2021
9:00AM - 5:00PM
10th Floor, Section A, Seat 101
Enterprise-based and scalable, with the ability to integrate with 3rd party systems.
AXSIS Space Management System is built to be the right solution for you and your workforce.

Managed Access.

Manage the people coming into your building – employees, visitors, guests – with individual user profiles.

Thermal Scanner
AXSIS Space Management

Manage Spaces.

Manage the spaces in your life with timed reservations for offices, conference rooms, desks, classrooms, lecture halls and more.

Customize Notifications.

Send vital information to visitors or staff instantly with automated, custom alerts on any device: high temperatures, questionnaire failure, capacity reached, arrivals/departures.

Send Questionnaires.

Understand the people in your spaces better with custom questionnaires.

Support Contact Tracing.

Monitor the health of people coming into spaces you manage. Contactless temperature recordings and contact tracing can connect the dots between spaces and those at risk.

AXSIS Space Management

Integrate Digital Signage.

Communicate more, in vibrant high-definition with Reality Interactive’s powerful bitSHUTTLE® digital signage CMS.

Greet Staff and Guests Face-to-Face, Safely.

With two-way video chat, your team can greet staff, visitors and vendors with a smile, anywhere they’re working and without risks to their health.

AXSIS Space Management

AXSIS™ Space Management Entry Device.

AXSIS Space Management

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Our Retail-Rugged® certification with a comprehensive 106 item checklist means you will never suffer from black screens or locked doors when you need them the most.

AXSIS™ Space Management has allowed for us to speed up the process for checking in employees and students. Prior to us having the device, we used a hand-held thermometer that forced us to move from behind the plexi shield and come in closer contact with the employees and students. The scanner is not only more efficient, but it is also safer for us to use.

Shairon Zingsheim
Vice President
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