What we learned at the SEGD Xplorer Digital Bootcamp

What we learned at the SEGD Xplorer Digital Bootcamp

We recently attended the SEGD Xplorer Digital Bootcamp in Chicago.  The event focused specifically around getting to know various technologies with practical hands on sessions. We experimented with sensors, explored different ways to create engaging content for different environments, and looked at ways to develop meaningful user experiences.

We set up Arduino boards and interfaced them with various sensor technologies and got to visualize the data coming from the sensors in a variety of different ways by using the Processing IDE.  In short – we had a great time learning some basic electronics and making graphics on our computers react in real-time.

It was interesting to get different perspectives on the practical applications of these leading technologies in a retail environment – something we often explore in our lab environment at Reality headquarters.
Special thanks to Michael Shaub from Gensler who ran an amazing session on Audience Engagement: Real time Sensor Data Visualization with Arduino.
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