3 Retail Brands Building Metaverse Experiences in Roblox

3 Retail Brands Building Metaverse Experiences in Roblox

3 Retail Brands Building Metaverse Experiences in Roblox

The news of major retail brands creating metaverse experiences are becoming more frequent. Roblox – a digital space where people can play, learn and communicate in a world that is user-generated- has been the choice platform of some major retailers relatively recently. Almost 47 million gamers use Roblox daily for socializing and creating new experiences and the platform hosts more than 24 million experiences for users. 

Here, we take a look at 3 retail brands who are partnering with Roblox to include the metaverse as part of their retail strategy. 

Nike’s Nikeland: With the goal of turning sport and play into a lifestyle, Nike created a metaverse space called “Nikeland” in Roblox. Always at the forefront of digital transformation, the brand has enjoyed 7 million visitors since 2021 and counting. Customers can enjoy celebrity appearances from sports stars, including LeBron James, as well as buy exclusive digital products to decorate their avatars with – and take these digital products to other metaverse spaces. 

Forever 21 Shop City: Also playing the Roblox space but with a different experience, Forever21 has created the “Forever 21 Shop City” where visitors can own and manage their own Forever 21 store. They can do various things, from hiring NPC’ (non-playable characters) as employees to selling merchandise. As one continues their journey in the “Forever 21 Shop City” they collect points that can be used to buy accessories.

GucciTown: Gucci created “GucciTown” in Roblox where visitors can learn more about the heritage and artisanship of the luxury brand. There is also the opportunity to collect and buy digital Gucci products for your own avatar. 

Walmart Land & Walmart’s Universe of Play: Just announced, Walmart has partnered with Roblox for two retail experiences. Walmart Land will feature a virtual dressing room, music festival with popular artists, and ‘verch’ for avatars that match the store’s real-life merchandise. Walmart’s Universe of Play will include immersive games with characters from its popular toy products, such as Paw Patrol and L.O.L Surprise! 

The concept of the metaverse is not new. And the reason to expand the ways in which you connect with customers is compelling (read out recent article Brick and Mortar is Dead).

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