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4 Augmented Reality Projects that Work with Digital Signage

4 Augmented Reality Projects that Work with Digital Signage

Augmented reality helps to put computer generated images into physical environments. With recent advances in technology augmented reality is becoming increasingly interactive.

The following are some of our favorite recent projects, because they go beyond technology for technology’s sake, to create a memorable experience. Here we look just as those augmented reality projects which also include digital signage.

HSBC’s Augmented Reality Bus Shelter Campaign

For this year’s Red Hot Festival, HSBC Credit Card used bus shelters equipped with camera to capture a street view in real time. The digital signage on the shelter displayed mirrored back that street view with the addition of augmented zebras. The idea behind this campaign was to inspire people to travel. 

BMW iWindow

The BMW iWindow also takes a real time view of traffic and then reflects back an augmented view. The display looks likes a window, but it actually is a digital display which transforms real traffic into BMW concept cars. The idea is a future where all New York traffic is made up of BMW i3 and i8 cars.

Sephora’s Virtual makeover

Sephora is using a 3D augmented reality mirror that puts make-up on their customers faces in real-time. This display allows customers to virtually try on a number of products in different colors and textures to help them make better informed purchasing choices. Customers can even move their face from side to side to get a view from every angle.

Pirates in Oz

In Brisbane, Australia a mall featured animated children’s characters brought to life using augmented reality. The project allowed kids to have a sword fight with a pirate, swim with fish, or fight a lion, which was then projected onto a digital signage display.

Images from this project were then posted to social media sites, resulting in 200 YouTube hits in the first week. Over 800 total customers participated in the first run of this promotion which only lasted a week.

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