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5 Examples of Great Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality for Retail

5 Examples of Great Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality for Retail

Is your retail business considering augmented reality? Well you should be!

More than 90% of Americans are already using augmented reality. It is also known to increase conversions by 94% and not to mention AR has been solving the staffing and inventory shortages that many retailers are experiencing this year. 

Augmented reality can be used for an array of different experiences ranging from marketing material to gaming and aiding in product sales. Let’s take a dive into some of the best AR experiences in the market right now.

First up; the AR app for Hot Spring Spas developed by yours truly. The Hot Spring Virtual View™ AR app helps customers choose any spa, customize it, and view it in the most ideal location in their own home. This experience helps customers understand what they’re buying, connects customers with their local Hot Spring retailer and allows them to share their favorites with a spa specialist.

Nike is tapping into the power of AR to help with inventory shortages. Customers can scan in-store items to view detailed product information and choose the perfect size shoe for them. Nike believes 1 in every 5 people are wearing the incorrect shoe size so they launched Nike Fit. The AR experience uses algorithms to measure the customers foot to ensure a perfect fit. 

L’Oréal offers AR that allows customers to try on their makeup products from the comfort of their home, making it easier to pick the right shade and color without the hassle of going in-store. This also lowers the return rate as customers are able to pick products that suit them before they click to purchase. Many beauty brands have implemented this same technique, including Maybelline, Urban Decay and Lancôme. 

Other than just aiding in the sales of products some retailers such as Toms have taken a different approach to VR. Toms, a shoe and apparel retailer donates $1 for every $3 made to help local people be a part of their supply chain. They believe very strongly in this cause and want their customers to experience the impact of this Corporate Social Responsibility work with. With the help of VR, customers can experience what Toms does to help the local community.

Dulux the painting experts have also used AR to help their customers make better paint decisions, faster. Their app allows customers to place different Dulux paint colors onto their walls at home which has not only helped the DIY community but also helped professional painters guarantee the best coloring for their clients. 

If you or your company want more information on how augmented reality can add value to your business, reach out to a member of our team. We can walk you through AR experiences we have created for other brands and design the perfect custom AR experience for you. 

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