Challenges our clients face when creating Digital Transformation



We recently read a great article by Ron Miller on TechCrunch entitled “Digital transformation requires total organizational commitment”.

The article recognized the challenges our clients face in transforming their organizations. It’s no longer viable to just create pockets of innovation in an organization. So how do you get the organization to think differently and embrace digital transformation? As Ron Miller points out, the role of these departments is often to protect and limit these sorts of changes inside organizations.

One of the ways we support our clients through this difficult process is in helping them educate the various departments who need to shift their thinking.

We have worked with clients who have shifted from treating their retail stores as transactional hubs to innovative digital experiences. We’ve had clients who have had the same retail experience for 100 years, and have had to completely rethink the way they do business to remain competitive and up to date. Creating this digital transformation is no easy task, and cannot be done effectively without bringing the organization with you. Understanding how to navigate the dynamics of innovation in these companies is key.

As Ron Miller writes in his article, “It’s not all gloom and doom, companies just have to start thinking much more creatively about their digital future and the effect that will have across the organization”.

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