Our work with Hayward Pools to introduce Smart/IoT Solutions to consumers nationally

Our work with Hayward Pools to introduce Smart/IoT Solutions to consumers nationally

Our interactive retail solution will will engage consumers and capture shopper data.

We are proud to announce we’ve been selected by Hayward Pools to support the national retail launch of their smart pool-pad control product VS Omni™ Pool Pump.  

The VS Omni™ Pool Pump allows users to control their pool and spa from systems they already use like Amazon Alexa and Nest smart home products.  Every member of the family is also able to save their favorite combinations of pool and spa settings.

Our digital merchandising solution allows Hayward to engage with consumers at the point of purchase while receiving immediate shopper insights.  An interactive display provides customers with accurate, engaging and educational content designed to explain Hayward’s value proposition and increase sales.

“Smart / IoT consumer electronic products have a more complex product story, and need extra help to communicate their value to the consumer,” said Craig Martin, Partner, Reality Interactive. “Hayward has a great product story and we are able to create a compelling interactive experience to deliver that story via technology.”

With our Retail Rugged® platform, Hayward can expect an increase on ROI of 50% through operational efficiencies. “It’s important to us that the solutions we deliver are Retail Rugged® – that we maintain a high level of uptime for customers,” said Craig Martin. “It’s the only way we can empower Hayward with the tools needed to ensure they’re achieving their campaign objectives”.

This sales enablement solution will measure customer engagement and deliver key insights back to Hayward from both connected and unconnected retail store environments. To overcome training challenges, thousands of store staff across Hayward’s national franchise network will be trained via content delivered through the digital POP units during after-store hours.

“We’re excited to launch this innovative initiative with Reality Interactive,” said Hayward. “Their experience in the Smart Home and connected goods sector was a key reason we chose to work with them, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results of our campaign,” said Jeremy Jones, Director of Marketing, Hayward Pools.

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