Reality Interactive Wins Best Kiosk ICX in the 2019 ICX Elevate Awards



Reality Interactive, a leading retail technology and design agency, today announced their design solution for CIVIQ Smartscapes won the ICX Associations Elevate Award for Best Kiosk ICX.

This award-winning solution was the CIVIQ Mobility Experience.  Using extensive user research, and Design Thinking methodologies.  Interested in ensuring that the CIVIQ Experience is a helpful and lasting part of the urban landscape, Reality focused on four guiding principles of design.

  1. Serve as a gateway to the community–honest, contextual and timely
  2. “Right here, Right now” Provide information that is immediately useful
  3. Clarity of intent and purpose for all functions
  4. Simple to use, for every user

As a result, the solution was designed to encourage quick interactions with the kiosk (two to three clicks), and the ability to hand off to the users smartphone. The system also implemented an always-on interface, so users are immediately aware of the value the kiosk provides. Finally, walking circles help deliver value a smartphone can’t. A user is empowered to explore local points of interest, rather than know what they are looking for, as is necessary with a smartphone.

We are thrilled to be recognized for our work at this year’s ICX Elevate Awards,” Craig Martin, Managing Partner, Reality Interactive. “The industry-leading recognition of the ICX Elevate award committee underscores how impactful it can be to lead with user engagement when designing for a public kiosk interface.”

Craig Martin and Bob Radcliffe receive the 2019 Elevate Award for Best Kiosk CX.

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