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Top 5 Innovative Retail Experiences & Who’s Doing It Best



With technology constantly evolving, retail is too. We have rounded up five of the top innovative retail experiences and who is doing it best.


  1. Mood Stylist 

Uniqlo launched the UMood stylist in Australia which recommends clothing based on the customer’s mood. The UMood device is placed on the customers forehead, the device then shows a range of images and videos and tracks the customer’s reactions. Based on the reactions the device is then able to suggest shirts to fit the customer’s mood such as “adventurous” or “calm”. 


      2. Digital Fitting Room 

Kohls has implemented a digital fitting room allowing customers to try on clothes and accessories. Customers can use the digital fitting room to request a new size if the garment does not fit correctly and allows them to virtually try on Kohl’s accessories. The Kohl’s digital fitting room uses digital, mobile, cloud and analytics to produce this experience.  This is a great way to make the shopping experience more interactive and encourages customers to purchase additional accessories for their new clothes, helping increase the number of items bought per transaction. 


     3. No More Lines

Amazon Go’s check out process has eliminated the need to wait in line. Customers are able to place items in their shopping cart and the cart automatically scans each item, allowing the customer to just leave the store and no longer wait in line to pay. Amazon uses artificial intelligence, computer vision, data from sensors and cameras to track items taken off the shelves. Once you walk out you are charged via the Amazon Go app and a receipt is emailed to you.


    4. Virtual Reality Showroom

Audi launched a virtual reality showroom, allowing customers to create their dream car and explore the interior and exterior in detail. This interactive buying experience also allows customers to experience moments such as the Le Mans 24 Hours race. 


    5. Autonomous Delivery Vehicles 

Walmart is testing autonomous delivery vehicles from Nuro in the coming months. These vehicles will be delivering items to local customers who have opted-in within the Houston area. Walmart will be testing these self driving electric vehicles and will expand operations, if successful. 


With 16% of shoppers not expecting to resume their in store shopping habits it’s now more important than ever that you create an experience for those shoppers who will be returning. Take a page from these retailers and how they are creating interesting and engaging experiences to draw in their customers.

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