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Update from CES: Test Drive the BMW i3!



We’re at the CES Conference, where this year one of the biggest attractions is the BMW’s i3 car. BMW is even letting conference attendees test drive the car!

bmw i3 ces reality interactive 001

The car is all electric but comes with optional gasoline-engine recharging. A combination of luxury and sustainability, the i3 is emission free and is made up of sustainable materials that are also high-quality.

bmw i3 ces reality interactive 003

The front doors on the i3 open like any normal car, while the rear doors hinge up. The interior of the car is surprisingly roomy, in part because there is no center tunnel.

bmw i3 ces reality interactive 004

The BMW i3 will be on sale in Europe this month, in the United States on the East Coast next April, and on the West Coast next May.

bmw i3 ces reality interactive 005

Learn more about the BMW i3 or build your own.

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